The STRIVE Initiative assemblies incorporate live musical performances, personal stories and Q&A sessions to interact with students. The songs are created by the STRIVE Initiative that emphasize the importance of good character and judgment in our day to day lives.

Through our assemblies we encourage students to become more aware about their goals, decisions, attitudes and how each of these influence who they are. We also touch on topics such as self-worth, responsibility and self-discipline, and how to incorporate these into their own aspirations. Through this understanding of their own abilities the self-confidence of the students will be increased, and a deeper respect for themselves and towards others will grow.

The STRIVE performers will share their own experiences with building character and challenges that they faced along the way. Through collective discussion we will explore some of the issues that students have with developing the qualities and values that they feel they need to succeed. Through this discussion we will allow the students to express themselves and build upon social skills. Students will come away more enthused to learn, having improved confidence in communication abilities and a deeper appreciation for the arts.