The World Mentor Program connects students across Pottstown Middle School with mentors to help them realize their individual aspirations. This program creates a connection between minority professionals with diverse career and life experiences with students to broaden their horizons, challenge cultural norms and showcase successful minority role models.

World Mentor is an entry point to STRIVE programming that increases the community connections for Created for Greatness students by helping them:

  • Identify and achieve personal goals

  • Create and sustain connections with role models

  • Develop skills to overcome life challenges through real-life conversations

  • Learn to respect and appreciate a broad spectrum of adults

Approximately 24 mentors are carefully selected, screened, and trained to spark relatable experiences and trusted relationships which enhance the informational exchange and learning process. Our mentors offer insight into a particular career (e.g., scientist, farmer, doctor, surfer, professor, musician, politician, coach, artist, lawyer, football player) and provide insight about life in different parts of the world (e.g., USA, Hawaii, Alaska, and overseas – Africa, Europe, Asia, South America).

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Designed For Students

All Pottstown Middle School students may participate in this program with parental permission. There is an application process that gathers pertinent information about the student’s interests, background, and personal goals.

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World Mentor Sessions

Each session is 30 – 45-minutes in length, delivered in-person or scheduled Zoom session. This can include a 5-minute introduction, a 15-minute presentation, followed by an in-depth question and answer section or specific topics picked through student career interest survey results. The flexible format allows STRIVE to integrate this program into the student’s day or after-school programming.