We are always looking to work with others who are working to build their communities.
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STRIVE Programs

Created for Greatness

Mentoring Program

Created for Greatness is a mentoring program where we work directly with Pottstown youth, focusing on middle school students. We work to build generations of activists who are connected to Pottstown mentors that provide guidance, support, and growth.

MultiMedia Career Exploration

The Arts + Technology

Students ignite their creativity through music, podcasting, photography, and theater arts, shaping their future in exciting and interactive workshops.

World Mentor

Showcasing minority role models

World Mentor connects Pottstown Middle School youth with minority professionals with diverse career and life experiences. We look to broaden student’s horizons and showcase successful role models.



Community Conversations

Connections to Facilitate Change

Community Conversations is a series of events STRIVE hosts to engage the community in dialogue that facilitate connections to bring about positive change.

Meet Our Board

David Charles
David CharlesCo-Founder / CEO
The long-term commitment of STRIVE, under the direction of David, work to support community revitalization through personal development of our precious youth.
Dimitri Smith
Dimitri SmithBoard Treasurer
Dimitri is a graduate of Temple University, where he majored in Business Administration (Accounting) and minored in African American studies.
Anna Johnson
Anna JohnsonBoard Member
Anna Johnson is a career Scientist and 15 year resident of Pottstown serving on numerous community outreach programs and non-profit organizations, with a particular passion for promoting STEM education.
Tamara Charles
Tamara CharlesBoard Member
Tamara serves on the Family Advisory Committee for Pottstown School District, to build community between the families of Pottstown students. She serves on the Board of Pottstown Community Action, a volunteer organization whose mission is to empower and improve the quality of life of Pottstown residents.