Through STRIVE’s mission we envision students that develop into independent, driven and respected adults prepared to take control of their destiny.

There is more to STRIVE than you think

Strengthening Tomorrow Requires Initiative & Vision EVERYDAY – through STRIVE programs, students will be better prepared for success by developing a good work ethic, making good life choices, and having a sense of confidence and passion for their future.

Dropping out not only affects individuals, but also our community.

The decision to drop out of school before graduating from high school has long-term impacts, limiting career and income potential, health outcomes, and life satisfaction for individuals. Dropping out can also lead to dependence on public assistance and encounters with the criminal justice system. STRIVE and the Created For Greatness mentoring program want to help all of Pottstown’s young people to be passionate about their own learning and growth all the way to graduation day and beyond.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, for the 2017-18 school year Pottstown School District had one of the highest dropout rates among all school districts in Pennsylvania at 5.21%. Of a total of 1,304 students enrolled in grades 7-12 on October 1, 2017, 68 students left school over the course of the year.

Across the state, more males tend to drop out than females. In addition, students of color drop out at higher rates than white students. While students of color comprise about 32% of all students, they account for nearly 58% of those who drop out.

According to 2020-2021 Pennsylvania government data, the most common reason students across Pennsylvania dropout is due to unknown reasons (75%), the second most common is disliking school (13%), followed by academic problems (5%), wanting to work (5%), and childcare, runaway or expelled (1.3%) and less than 1% due to behavioral problems.

Paving the Road to Graduation and Greatness through Mentorship

STRIVE and its Created for Greatness mentoring program seek to support and prepare all of Pottstown’s middle school students for success throughout high school, while also being mindful of the disproportionate outcomes facing students of color. By engaging adults from varied sectors of the community as mentors, each student can be matched with a screened, trained, and caring adult who shares their interests, gets to know them, and supports them on their educational and life journey.

Created for Greatness

Mentoring Program

Created for Greatness is a mentoring program where we work directly with Pottstown youth, focusing on middle school students. We work to build generations of activists who are connected to Pottstown mentors that provide guidance, support, and growth.

MultiMedia Career Exploration

The Arts + Technology

Students ignite their creativity through music, podcasting, photography, and theater arts, shaping their future in exciting and interactive workshops.

World Mentor

Showcasing minority role models

World Mentor connects Pottstown Middle School youth with minority professionals with diverse career and life experiences. We look to broaden student’s horizons and showcase successful role models.



Community Conversations

Connections to Facilitate Change

Community Conversations is a series of events STRIVE hosts to engage the community in dialogue that facilitate connections to bring about positive change.

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