Created for Greatness (CFG), we work directly with Pottstown youth, focusing on middle school students and building generations of activists who are connected to Pottstown mentors that provide guidance, support, and growth. The program works through the Pottstown School District and The S.T.R.I.V.E. Initiative to offer a coordinated, community-based approach to mentorship.  CFG pairs Pottstown Middle School (PMS) students with positive, adult community members. CGF staff recruits a diverse, qualified array of community mentors that nurture and cultivate relationships with middle school students, enhancing the students’ academic performance and community bonds.

Moreover, this integrative partnership between students and community mentors directly increases core social emotional learning (SEL) capacity areas including social awareness and relationship building, which enriches development in the other key areas of self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision-making. CFG is a relational approach that allows mentorship to grow organically at a time when young people are trying to find their place in their community, amidst a host of rapid changes.

 e.g. “Leslie and Jessica meet once a week and both talk about how much their connection means to them b/c Leslie can share things about her day and any issues she’s having with students and her worries at home.”   ___ Student and Mentor  

Please take a few minutes to thoroughly complete the brief mentor interest survey by following this link:
Mentor Interest Survey

The survey will help us pair a student with a mentor who shares similar career interests.
The survey will help us determine your availability, ensuring a positive volunteer opportunity for you to give back and connect with young people in our community.

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