Community Conversations are a series of events STRIVE hosts to engage the community in dialogue that facilitate connections to bring about positive change.

These events are designed to empower community voice, develop relationships, enable collaboration and increase social capital of area residents – empowering them to take ownership of creating constructive change in our community.

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STRIVE aims to expand awareness through leading a series of conversations using movie viewings, virtual discussions, as well as live stream presentations to launch into critical dialogues addressing topics including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and other important issues that the community chooses to address.

During Covid-19, STRIVE will be communicating and sharing data through text messaging, email, virtual conversations as well as survey participation, to ensure the safety of all.

The Impacts:

  • Greater connection between people
  • More hope for Pottstown residents
  • More power for Pottstown residents
  • Better policy making for Pottstown
    (schools, government, economic)
  • Greater understanding between people
  • Greater voice for Pottstown residents
  • More community organizing/ community activism
  • More advocacy on behalf of Pottstown residents
  • Greater understanding of issues that affect Pottstown
  • Greater knowledge of issues affecting others in Pottstown
    (not only issues affecting self)
  • Better understanding of how to impact change by Pottstown residents
  • Greater diversity, equity and inclusion representation across Pottstown
    (schools, government, economic, borough, police)
  • Greater appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout Pottstown
  • More solutions for Pottstown as to the issues that impact Pottstown residents

“The community conversations had a great turn out and shows how many people want to help improve Pottstown. People just need some direction and the conversations showed the desire and committment is there. The these conversations also inspired people to understand change is really possible.

The community conversation event brought people together and it also showed how much we have in common. I think it was a real turning point in community organizing for Pottstown.” — Pottstown Community Resident