In the fall of 2022 STRIVE was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Woodson Center. The Woodson Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1981 by Robert L. Woodson, Sr. helping residents of low-income neighborhoods address problems in their communities.

The Woodson Center’s mission is to empower community-based leaders to promote solutions that reduce crime and violence, restore families, revitalize underserved communities, and assist in the creation of economic enterprise.

Aligned with the mission and values of STRIVE, The Woodson Center identifies and empowers individuals who embrace their principles to transform their lives and their communities.

The Woodson Center is built on the following principles: Competence, Integrity, Transparency, Resilience, Witness, Innovation, Inspiration, Agency, Access, and Grace. STRIVE believes in the importance of these principles and is thankful that The Woodson Center has recognized their organization in the light they wish to shine.

STRIVE is dedicated to the development of their community and aims to use this grant to further assist with program development to continue positively impacting the lives of their community members, beginning with the students at the Pottstown Middle School.

STRIVE has big plans for the students at The Pottstown Middle School, with many exciting and inspiring programs being implemented including the expansion of their Created for Greatness Program. STRIVE see’s that each student has hopes and dreams and they are working to bring opportunities that have never been awarded to give students a plan, a platform, and a voice to manifest their dreams.

STRIVE is proud to be supported by The Woodson Center and looks forward to great things to come thanks to grants like this that believe in the possibilities and outcomes of STRIVE’s sincere work in their community.