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Are you on the fence about becoming a mentor, do you still have questions? Please provide your contact information below and we will reach out to you.

The Basics

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Do You Have Questions?

What do I have to do as a mentor?2022-10-19T09:35:50-04:00

Show up! Talk with student, listen to them and encourage them. You are asked to provide a shared lunch twice a month with the student. Commit to mentoring for at least one school year, with the potential for a multi-year commitment.

Once I submit my application, when will I know if I am accepted?2022-10-19T09:37:37-04:00

We will acknowledge the submission of your application within one week via email and will follow up to schedule an informational meeting with you.

Where do programs take place?2022-09-26T21:30:56-04:00

All programs take place in trusted community spaces across our local town, primarily in the Pottstown Middle School as well as virtual platforms.

I have never been a mentor before. Is there a training process?2022-09-26T21:30:42-04:00

We have accessible and convenient, recorded mentor trainings and helpful resources for you to feel comfortable and competent as a mentor. Our program director will meet with you to discuss your role and check in with you frequently, you are able to reach out to communicate openly with us at all times.

Do I need clearances?2022-09-26T21:30:16-04:00

Yes you will be given a mentor welcome packet including information on required clearances.

How do I become a mentor?2022-09-26T21:30:02-04:00

You will complete mentor orientation, submit your clearances, background check, and personal information survey. The program coordinator will match you with a student and we will contact you to set up your first meeting with a student.

My schedule does not allow me to meet every week, can I still be a mentor?2022-10-19T09:37:55-04:00

We understand that not everyone has a weekly time slot, if you are interested in becoming a mentor and are not able to meet every week, please connect with us and we will discuss options.

How often should I meet with my mentee and for how long?2022-10-19T09:39:16-04:00

Plan to meet with your mentee once a week. We currently have 7:50 am – 8:30 am mentoring blocks as well as student’s lunch time which range from 10:45 am – 1:35 pm. Blocks are 30 minutes and are the same day and time every week.

How will I be matched with a mentee?2022-09-26T21:28:40-04:00

You will have an opportunity to meet with us to discuss your personal and professional goals, passions, hobbies and availability. We will then evaluate and match you with the information being collected from mentees.

What’s in this for me, as a mentor?2022-09-26T21:28:23-04:00

You will be an important role model for a mentee to look up to. You will be beneficial in their social, emotional, and academic journey through middle school, high school and beyond. You will have an experience of purpose and service.

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