Christine Morris, founder of Fabulously Balanced Life, carved a unique path as a woman in the online business world. After starting her own thriving business as a virtual assistant and quickly building a multi-VA team, she moved on to become a highly sought-after Online Business Manager and Systems expert.

Some of Christine’s accolades include working behind the scenes on several 6- and 7- figure businesses, managing high performing teams, creating innovative strategies for organizational growth and educating business students.

Like many, Christine’s journey hasn’t been without its share of struggles.  In 2014, Christine experienced a devastating fire that destroyed her home, including her home office. Rather than viewing this loss as a setback which would throw her off track, Christine used her honed abilities to create new plans to overcome obstacles and build strong foundations. She successfully renewed and rebuilt not only her life and her business, she also set herself on an even deeper journey of forward movement.  Christine’s resilient nature led to her assisting even more entrepreneurs, an increased service to others and ultimately, a very full and balanced life.

Christine’s career journey is simply a showcase of her incredible ability to time and again, overcome adversity and use it to create opportunities to help others. Her experience, combined with her focus on balance and strategies has led her to expand her role at Montgomery County Community College from her time as adjunct faculty member to serving at risk students in her role as their ACT 101 Program Coordinator.

Today, Christine perfectly balances her focus and is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and college students reach academic and professional success!