Anthony Lyon was born and raised in Pottstown, PA, where he attended Pottstown Senior High school. Following his high school graduation Anthony enrolled at the Pennsylvania State University. While at the university he was exposed to the vast amount of resources that were offered on campus and instantly thought back to his hometown. Well aware that many of the youth from his community had little to any knowledge about the career opportunities and options that can be offered by such institutions, Anthony wanted to do something.

Anthony and a few other students started STRIVE, an organization whose mission was to help underserved youth realize their true potential by taking them on college tours and providing guidance and mentorship. The STRIVE Initiative was not able to complete any tours, but did partner with the local 4-H Mentoring chapter to provide after-school services within their programs. After earning his BS in Business Management in the spring of 2013 Anthony went back to Pottstown to further his commitment and follow his passion of helping to uplift his community.

Shortly after graduation he connected with another Pottstown Native, David Charles to create The STRIVE Initiative Inc. a 501(c)(3) entity. Anthony is currently working with David Charles to implement more programs and mentoring services for the youth.