Pop-Up Gardens are opportunities for teens to gather during the summer and create a sense of social and community engagement.

These gardens will consist of a small stage for teen performers from local and regional communities to become a part of a communal setting. Students from Pottstown will help with making fresh fruit juices and smoothies for sale to all attendees. Every week the teens will view a movie or documentary, which will be followed by discussions in the garden. Documentaries will showcase community youth engagement, leadership development, entrepreneurism and healthy lifestyle practices.

The youth will also partner with Habitat for Humanity for furniture donations at these events. Students will host a few car washes, canvassing activities, and a local community “Meet and Greet” gathering to raise funds to launch their endeavor. Guest DJ’s will come once a month to showcase their talent and promote the movement. We also hope to work with local restaurants and food trucks for event catering. Encouraging the youth to explore building connections for young entrepreneurs future business from the community and beyond is a major goal.